Boarding Life

Boarders at St. James’ are part of a community of two houses, Petchell (boys) and Yarborough (girls).

The boarding houses are supervised by caring, friendly and understanding residential staff. Medical care is available within the school from our own School Health Co-Ordinator, who makes a significant contribution to the care and welfare of our boarders.

Within these handsome buildings, our boarders can thrive in a caring and friendly atmosphere: a home away from home.  We have a maximum of 20 pupils in the girls’ house and 30 in the boys’ house, so our staff are really able to get to know every pupil as an individual.

Accommodation is comfortable and quiet with increased privacy for the more senior pupils. Recreational facilities and the opportunities for pupils to visit the other House contribute to a cheerful and social environment. Our resident Houseparents and their families make sure all boarders are happy and well cared for.

Houseparents communicate regularly with parents and guardians via either email or telephone. Parents will also receive weekly information from the School Office regarding the activities available to their children, the lunch menus and good news throughout the School, so that they feel part of the community. Parents and Guardians are encouraged to keep in touch, and there are flexible weekend arrangements for home visits. Pupils who remain at school at the weekend enjoy the companionship of their peers and can take part in the activities and grounds which the school has on offer. Facilities such as the Markham Hall, Sixth Form Centre, computer room and art room are all available for their use and there are numerous local trips arranged to the Cinema, ice-skating or bowling alley. The school is situated within five minutes of the town centre, so the older students are able to go shopping in groups after school and over the weekend. Boarders also enjoy half termly day trips to cities around the UK; such as York, Lincoln, Nottingham, Leeds and Manchester.

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All our boarders eat together in the School’s dining room, and every House has its own kitchen for snacks. All meals are prepared on-site by our catering department and we ensure that all of the students are enjoying a well-balanced diet.