Curriculum and School Life

International students at St. James’ follow a specific timetable adapting to their needs. Below are examples of International timetables. Please note, for French students … please imagine that the French lessons would be Spanish lessons. German students are able to join both French and Spanish lessons OR we offer a private Latin tutor lessons (this is subject to additional fees).

Full Immersion for Spanish Student Example – YEAR 9 Timetable International Spanish 

Pre A Level Course Example with Intensive English –  Pre A level timetable February 2019

All International Student have EAL (English as an Additional Language) lessons whilst they are at St. James’, unless they have already achieved the required level of English.


In EAL lessons we concentrate on helping students to improve their writing, reading, listening and speaking in English. And, of course, the less favourite grammar and pronunciation.

We use books, videos, games, songs and websites that help students develop their English, but also help with mainstream subjects.

Each half term, we have an educational trip to help students learn more about the UK. When students first arrive, this is always to the Fishing Docks and the Heritage Centre to learn all about the History of Grimsby. But also to the Lincolnshire Wolds to see our beautiful countryside. (photographs below)

In Year 12, we concentrate on preparation for the IELTS exam which students take in Year 13. If students are from a European country, they may also prepare for and take the Cambridge First or Cambridge Advanced exams, but this is only possible for Long Term Stays.

We feel that the extra-curricular programme is just as important as the academic for our International Students. We nurture and develop any talents that all students have whether that be through sport, music or drama. International students join local clubs, just as the day students, to play as part of teams or play in musical groups.

In terms of musical development, our relationship with the Grimsby Youth Orchestra allows two students per year to be awarded a Scholarship to join, practice with and perform with the Orchestra. This year’s scholar, Kaila, is pictured above. Kaila is from Vietnam and is just 14. She is studying to achieve her Grade 8 piano.