Travelling to School

Travel to School












Rail Services:

There is an excellent rail link which goes direct from Manchester Airport to Grimsby.

175 miles from London with a convenient connecting train just 40 minutes from Grimsby.

Taxi Services:

St. James’ work in partnership with a local taxi company who provide transport for all boarding pupils travelling to and from St. James’. All drivers are enhanced DBS checked and can provide an escort service for those pupils under the age of 16 or when required.

Taxis are booked through the admissions office and details of the pupils driver will be emailed to you prior to their date of travel.

Airport Services:

In 2018 St. James’ launched a partnership agreement with Humberside Airport to assist with travel to and from Humberside Airport. The airport is just 20 minutes drive from St. James’ and offers flights direct from Schipol on a daily basis. The partnership with Humberside Airport means preferential personalised service and assistance in arrangement of flights.