Huge Success for St. James’ pupils in this year’s GCSEs and A Levels!



70 % of Students Achieved a Higher Level Pass (Grade C or above) in their A-Levels this year.

10 Courses achieved 100% Higher Level Pass Rate (Grade C or above)

100% of A-Level leavers are leaving to go to University

13% of all the GCSE Grades were Grade 9 (Vs 4.5% in the Country)

43% of all the GCSE results were Grade 7 and above

82% Pass Rate (Vs 63.7% National Average)

Here are some of our fantastic individual success stories from the GCSE examinations this summer

Kaila, at just age 14 years, gained grade 9’s in Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology! Kaila is now in the Sixth form, continuing her studies in Maths and Science and plans to study medicine at University. Kaila is also a very accomplished Pianist who won numerous awards in school and locally last year.

Miriam, who has been at St. James’ since year 7, gained one grade 7 and then a series of 8s and 9s. Again achieving Grade 9s in Maths, Chemistry, Biology and 8 in Physics. Miriam is also now in our Sixth form continuing with her Science subjects as she also wants to study Medicine at University.

Anjali, who has now moved on to study at Franklin College, gained 8 GCSEs all grade 7 or above. Achieved her Grade 9 in English Language and Grade 8s in Biology, Physics, History and Geography. We wish Anjali all the very best with her future.

Erik, who joined us for just one year from Germany, completed 5 GCSEs. Gaining Grade 9s in Maths and Further Maths, 7s in Chemistry and Physics and 5 in Biology. We wish Erik all the best as he re-joins his school back in Germany.