Pre-Prep (2 to 7 years)

St. James’ Pre-Preparatory Department comprises of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Key Stage 1 (KS1). KS1 includes Preps 1 and 2, where the children continue their learning journey and build on the solid foundations laid in EYFS – a chance to discover, explore, enjoy and flourish!

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Children benefit from superb outdoor facilities; with a lovely secure garden (pictured below) with raised beds and a tarmac road for the children’s bicycles, sand pit, mud kitchen, potting shed and climbing frame, our on-site forest school (pictured above), where children of all ages can safely explore and learn, and the large paddock where the children enjoy various sports.


Within the classroom, high  expectations are set for the children on an individual basis. With specialist teaching for French (pictured below), PE and swimming from age 4 years, children are working way above the National Average throughout the Pre-Prep. We place great emphasis on discovering each child’s talents and giving them the confidence they need to develop them.




“Lexie runs into school every morning and always leaves smiling; her teachers have been excellent in catching and holding her interest and I am extremely proud of her achievements, which is thanks to them. What more can you ask from a school?!”