Prep (7 to 11 years)

The Preparatory Department offers a bespoke education for our pupils and our small class sizes allow our high-qualified teaching staff to ensure that each child reaches his or her potential. Every child has a talent and it is our job to help pupils discover that talent.

Every child’s attainment is tracked and monitored and every pupil knows what progress they are making. They receive the support they need to be motivated, independent learners and parents are kept fully informed about the achievements and academic progress of their children.

Our academic standards are reflected in our high degree of ‘Value-added’ rather than a position in SATs league-tables. The children take nationally recognised examinations each year and pupils from Year 3 to Year 6 receive tuition for Grammar School 11+ entrance examinations as part of the curriculum, the success of which is proven by our excellent Grammar School pass rates. This means that St. James’ Preparatory School is NOT featured in the National Rankings, for example The Times Parent Power, as these rankings are based solely on KS2 SATs examinations and no other criteria. Click on the attached link to read more about St. James’ decision not to enter KS2 SATs press release SATs

Children are encouraged to achieve excellence not only in their academic studies but also in the fields of sport, drama, music, leadership and service. The Prep children benefit from numerous outdoor play areas, including a Forest School.

Educational visits such as theatres, museums and places of interest take place each term and pupils in Years 5 and 6 are able to join the Year 7 pupils on the annual PGL adventure trip; this provides a valuable opportunity to interact with older pupils as they approach the transition into Key Stage 3.

The Scallop Programme (Extra-Curricular) is extensive. The activities change from one term to the next and for September 2019 include: Golf, Squash, Badminton, Tennis, Karate, Computer Science, Choir, Orchestra and Art.

We celebrate the success of each and every pupil at the Prep Department Assemblies, whether that success is academic, musical, sporting or relating to an activity outside of school. Our pupils take real pride in their community, their contributions and their achievements. This makes the Prep Department an aspirational and successful learning environment.

As part of the Mindfulness programme, Prep children take part in Yoga on a Friday afternoon and also we have our Reading Dog, Arthur, who comes in so the children can read to them. (Pictured above left)

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“The teaching staff are professional and clearly dedicated to ensuring the education is tailored to meet the needs of individual children. Our daughter loves attending St. James'”