Success Stories

Enoch Wong: Former Head Boy (2007 - 2011)

Enoch attended St. James’ for four years and made the most of every second whilst here. He attended the cadets weekly, took part in many of the sports and activities and appointed Head Boy in his final year. He achieved A grades in Maths, Further Maths and Biology and B grades in Physics and Chemistry. He then gained a place at his first choice University and went on to study Biomedical Science at Durham University.
After his graduation, Enoch joined the RAF as an Officer, obtained his Commission in 2015; completed elementary flying training last year, and is currently undergoing helicopter flying training with the aim to become a frontline Chinook pilot.


Nicolas Kong St. James' pupil (2004 to 2011)

Nicolas was a member of the St. James’ family for 7 years. He was a well liked and social member of the school and boarding house and took part in all aspects of school life. He grew in confidence over the years and made fantastic progress, achieving A*, A, B and C at A Level and gained a place at his first choice University to study Pharmacy at Queens University in Belfast. Nick has now graduated and is working as a Pre-Reg Pharmacist.



Francis Mortin St. James' pupil (1998 - 2009)

Frank joined St. James’ School in the Prep Department and remained with us throughout his Senior Career. Leaving us with 2 B’s and a D in English, German and Physics.

Gaining a place at Hull University to study Law in 2009, Frank gained a 2:1 with honours in 2012; followed by a Distinction in his Masters degree the following year (LLM International Business Law), graduating as first in his class and being awarded the Fred Materson Dissertation Prize for getting the best Dissertation in that academic year at the University in 2014.

Frank began his working life in the Family Team at Blacks Solicitors LLP in Leeds. Within 6 months he was offered a Training Contract at the firm. During this period he also qualified as a Civil and Commercial Mediator in 2015.

Frank then returned to his studies and achieved his second Masters Degree (MSc Law Business and Management awarded with Merit) from the University of Law in 2016.

Frank began his Training Contract with Blacks Solicitors LLP in September 2016 and has so far worked in their Corporate and Commercial Team and currently work in their Commercial Dispute Resolution Team.

Not only has Frank been successful within his career and studies; but he has also excelled withn his hobby as a bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast.

Competing at the BNBF North East 2016, he finished in third place in the novice category and was invited to the British Finals. This year, Frank competed at national fitness expo at Bodypower 2017.

He is also a Krav Maga (self defence) Instructor. Having trained with Spartans Academy of Krav Maga since 2013; he became an licenced instructor under Protect International in April 2016 and is due to start teaching classes with Spartans Academy in late 2017.

Mia Champion, Former Head Girl 2003 - 2010

Mia joined St. James’ in Year 7 and continued through to Sixth Form, in Year 13 she was appointed Head Girl. She left St. James with 2 A’s and a B at A-Level and got in to her first choice University – the University of Manchester.

At University, she studied Business Management and a Modern Language (French) and she gained a first class honors degree. During her time at University, Mia also partook in a year abroad where she gained two internships in Paris and studied on the Caribbean island of Martinique. Which lead on to her working on super-yachts, after she had finished her degree, all over Europe.

She then gained a place at Teach First – one of the biggest graduate recruiters in the UK. Therefore, she currently works as a languages teacher and had gained an ‘Outstanding’ PGCE through her employment with Teach First. She is now completing her Masters degree, part-time, in Educational Leadership, whilst still working as a full-time teacher.

Pranav and Rebecca, due to leave St. James' Preparatory Department in July 2019

Rebecca and Pranav, both currently attending St. James’ in Prep 6 were advanced a year due to their ability and also social maturity. St. James’ believes in an individual approach to education and, as such, will not be governed by the ages of children in order to deduce the year group. Whilst most pupils are correctly placed within his or her chronological year group, particularly with our ability to differentiate in our small classes, there are occasions when this doesn’t work. At St. James’, we focus on the individual student and their ability. Rebecca and Pranav are unfortunately due to leave St. James’ this summer, July 2019, but have achieved places at the well known and highly competitive Caistor Grammar School, a year young! This is not the first time St. James’ has successfully accelerated students and their continued success proves that the individual approach to education really does work! To read the Grimsby Telegraph article, click here




Exam Result Success 2019

View the HEADLINES from our Summer Examination Success 2019

Here are some of our fantastic individual success stories from the examinations this summer

Kaila (pictured here with her sister), at just age 14 years, gained grade 9’s in Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology! Kaila is now in the Sixth form, continuing her studies in Maths and Science and plans to study medicine at University. Kaila is also a very accomplished Pianist who won numerous awards in school and locally last year.

Anjali, who has now moved on to study at Franklin College, gained 8 GCSEs all grade 7 or above. Achieved her Grade 9 in English Language and Grade 8s in Biology, Physics, History and Geography. We wish Anjali all the very best with her future.

Erik, who joined us for just one year from Germany, completed 5 GCSEs. Gaining Grade 9s in Maths and Further Maths, 7s in Chemistry and Physics and 5 in Biology. We wish Erik all the best as he re-joins his school back in Germany.