Term Dates

Michaelmas 2019

Staff Inset Dayam/pmMonday 2 September
Boarders Return6.00pmMonday 2 September
Term Begins 8.30amTuesday 3 September
Quarter Term Exeat3.50pmFriday 20 September
(Boarders Return Sunday 22 September 6.00pm)
Half Term3.50pmFriday 18 October
(Boarders Return Sunday 4 November 6.00pm)
Term Begins8.30amMonday 4 November
Three Quarter Term Exeat3.50pmFriday 22 November
(Boarders Return Sunday 24 November 6.00pm)
Term Ends1.00pmFriday 13 December
(Term ends after the Festival of Nine Lessons)

Lent 2020

Staff Inset Dayam/pmMonday 6 January
Boarders Return 6.00pmMonday 6 January
Term Begins 8.30amTuesday 7 January
Quarter Term Exeat3.50pmFriday 17 January
(Boarders Return Sunday 19 January 6.00pm)
Half Term3.50pmFriday 14 February
(Boarders Return Sunday 23 February 6.00pm)
Term Begins8.30amMonday 24 February
Three Quarter Term Exeat3.50pmFriday 20 March
(Boarders Return Sunday 22 March 6.00pm)
Term Ends3.50pmFriday 3 April
(Good Friday 10 April, Easter Sunday 12 April, Easter Monday 13 April)

Trinity 2020

Staff Inset Dayam/pmMonday 20th April
Boarders Return6.00pmMonday 20th April
Term Begins8.30amTuesday 21st April
Bank Holiday – no tuitionFriday 8 May
Quarter Term Exeat3.50pmThursday 7 May
(Boarders Return Sunday 10th May 6.00pm)
Half Term3.50pmFriday 22 May
(Boarders Return Sunday 31st May 6.00pm)
Term Begins8.50amMonday 1 June
Three Quarter Term Exeat3.50pmFriday 12 June
(Boarders Return Sunday 14 June 6.00pm)
Term Ends12.00pmFriday 10 July

Michaelmas Term 2020

Staff Inset Day am/pm Friday 28 August 
Boarders Return 6.00pm Monday 31 August 
Term Begins  8.30am Tuesday 1 September 
Quarter Term Exeat 3.50pm Friday 18 September
(Boarders Return Sunday 20 September 6.00pm) 
Half Term 3.50pm Friday 16 October
(Boarders Return Sunday 1 November 6.00pm) 
Term Begins 8.30am Monday 2 November 
Three Quarter Term Exeat 3.50pm Friday 20 November
(Boarders Return Sunday 22 November 6.00pm) 
Term Ends 1.00pm Wednesday 16 December
(Term ends after the Festival of Nine Lessons) 

Lent Term 2021

Staff Inset Day 8.30amMonday 4 January
Boarders Return 6.00pm Monday 4 January 
Term Begins  8.30am Tuesday 5 January 
Quarter Term Exeat 3.50pm Friday 15 January
(Boarders Return Sunday 17 January 6.00pm) 
Half Term 3.50pm Friday 12 February
(Boarders Return Sunday 21 February 6.00pm) 
Term Begins 8.30am Monday 22 February 
Three Quarter Term Exeat 3.50pm Friday 12 March
(Boarders Return Sunday 14 March 6.00pm) 
Term Ends 3.50pm Friday 26 March
(Good Friday 2 April, Easter Sunday 4 April, Easter Monday 5 April) 

Trinity Term 2021


Staff Inset Day am/pm Monday 12th April 
Boarders Return 6.00pm Monday 12th April 
Term Begins 8.30am Tuesday 13th April 
Bank Holiday – no tuition  Monday 3 May 
Quarter Term Exeat 3.50pm Friday 30th April
(Boarders Return Monday 3 May 6.00pm) 
Half Term 3.50pm Friday 28 May
(Boarders Return Sunday 6 June 6.00pm) 
Term Begins 8.50am Monday 7 June 
Three Quarter Term Exeat 3.50pm Friday 18 June
(Boarders Return Sunday 20 June 6.00pm) 
Term Ends 1.00pm Friday 9 July
(Term ends after the Awards Ceremony Service)