Our aim at St. James’ is to ensure that the pupils have the opportunity to discover their talent. As such, we have developed an extensive extra-curricular programme available throughout the School.

Pupils enjoy sports as part of the curriculum, after school, through our Academies and also through our fixtures.

Sports available at St. James’ include: Swimming, Basketball Football, Rugby, Athletics, Hockey, Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, Golf, Sailing, Squash, Horse Riding, Netball, Rounders, Cricket, Dodgeball and Health Related Fitness.

Pupils are also able to access the local network of sports, clubs and facilities not mentioned above, and are actively encouraged to participate, on a regular basis.

In addition to the vast range of sporting and musical activities, we also offer a wide range of other activities suitable for children from age 3 upwards. These are generally clubs after school and include cookery, sewing, knitting, Art, construction, film, Forest School, Dinosaur, spelling and drama.