COVID -19 Update from the Headmaster – Monday 16th March 2020

Monday 16th March 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians

I spoke with the Senior School this morning, and wanted to share my message to them with you.
“These are unprecedented times, with speculation about COVID-19, the cancellation of events, and as to when a lockdown may be coming.

We are all going to be tested; our patience, resilience, and our kindness. You may all have to wait a little longer for things, or possibly have to go without. You will have to do more for yourselves.
But I urge you not to see other people as risks, or threats, but with compassion and as people, like you, trying to stay safe and do the best for their family.

It is other people that will get us through this; shopworkers, the emergency services, medical professionals, politicians and council workers, but most importantly our friends. Forget any petty squabbles, help people when you can, and continue to be good to one another.”

I hope the St. James’ School community can continue to be good to one another, to see the best in each other, and to support one another through the difficult moments which lie ahead.

Our planned Open House for Wednesday 18th March will be postponed. At this moment we think it unwise to invite visitors to our school, and we shall look to reschedule as soon as the COVID-19 prognosis becomes a little clearer.

Richard Murray