A Fun First Week Back

We have had a magnificent week at St. James'.

My staff and I are delighted to welcome back our students; their beaming smiles being the only encouragement we need. We hope for an uninterrupted term, and with the continued support and compliance of pupils, we will endeavour to keep COVID at bay. 

I am pleased with how our adjustments and precautions have embedded, but we continue to keep everything under careful review. May I thank all children and parents for the spirit in which these changes have been adopted. I have felt a genuine calmness at drop off time and your cooperation has been central to this. Our children need to understand the risks of COVID, but not experience the fear. At St. James' I hope we have this balance right.

Learning has gotten off to a great start: from the new 'learning journey' beginning in Reception to the new Accelerated Learning 'Hub' in Senior. Our seven period day has been a hit with pupils. With more focused lessons, bite size tasks and activities, and lessons recurring more often, pupils have already begun to feel the benefit. 

Wishing a wonderful weekend. We are looking forward to Monday already...

After School Care

After School Care will commence from Monday 7th September.

New Website and App

I hope you are finding your way around our new website which went live over the summer holidays. There is a further addition, the School App, which pulls through data from our news items and calendar entries. 

If you click on the link to the right of this article you will find instructions about how to download and subscribe to our feed. 

Senior Department Timetable

At St. James' we pride ourselves on our ability to offer every child a bespoke curriculum, and each summer we have a number of students who reconsider their GCSE or A-Level options.

Our timetable has operated successfully this week, but over the weekend the position of lessons will change to allow some students to increase or alter their programme of study.

All Senior department pupils will return home this afternoon with a printed copy of their new lesson schedule, which we shall now fix until the end of term.

Pre-Prep and Prep are unaffected by these changes, and lessons will remain the same.