About Us

St. James’ School believes children have an interminable capacity to learn, be it knowledge or skills.

Education in its purist form is about unlocking potential. Releasing character. Achieving dreams. Education is a never-ending journey. Some children charge, some skip, and some stroll. Others need a hand to hold. Not everyone begins this journey from the same place, but at St. James’ our philosophy focusses on the excellence within each and every child and their pursuit of self-fulfilment.

Our size makes us special, the strength of our community unique, with our small classes and individualised attention all children are guaranteed to meet their full potential.

Our Aims:

  • To provide a happy environment in which children are known, feel safe, nurtured and valued;
  • To promote high standards of personal achievement through innovative, reflective and child-centred teaching, focussed assessment and a rich and varied curriculum to ensure all pupils reach their full potential;
  • To promote a spiritual and moral awareness in our pupils based on the values of respect, empathy and kindness; developing a sense of service to the school community and beyond;
  • To provide a wide range of enrichment opportunities to enable pupils to discover and develop passions and expand their experience;
  • To foster self-confidence and a lifelong love of learning so that pupils leave as mature, engaging and thoughtful adults.

The best way for you to understand St. James' School is to come and meet us, click here to book your private tour today.