We take great pride in our academic achievements, while always recognising that success is a unique journey for every student. Our commitment lies not only in fostering academic excellence but also in supporting each students growth and achievement.

    Year-on-year, our students achieve excellent results, often equivalent to those of much larger independent schools. As a non-selective school, this is an exceptional achievement.

    Our success stems from a broad curriculum geared towards maximising the potential of each individual pupil. The emphasis is on establishing a confident and self-motivated attitude towards learning that will ensure pupils get the most out of their studies at school and also prepare them to enjoy a lifetime of learning.  Students are taught study skills to support them in their learning, whilst daily homework complements the process of learning and builds positive habits. The aim is to securely embed high levels of memory recall, knowledge, understanding, creativity and essential study skills in preparation for GCSE and beyond.

    Based on the National curriculum, our curriculum it extends pupils' learning and prepares them well for the next stages of their educational journey through offering a rich variety of experiential learning and well planned academic lessons to bring the curriculum and daily lessons to life. We believe in learning through doing, and strive to inspire our pupils with a passion for learning that will last them a lifetime.

    All students within Years 7 – 9 study:

    English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, French, Spanish, Music, Art, ICT, Physical Education, Young Enterprise, PSHE and Religious Studies.

    Years 10 and 11:

    In Years 10-11 we offer a traditional set of 6 core subjects, as well as a diverse choice of options from which an additional 4 are selected. This prepares students well for further study at A level and beyond, as well as a range of technical and vocational studies.

    Compulsory GCSE subjects:

    English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics

    Optional Subjects:

    Art, Business Studies, French, Geography, History, Photography, Physical Education, Religious Studies and Spanish.

    All students follow a non-examined course in PSHE ensuring they are well prepared to live a healthy and successful life within our local community and global society. They are also encouraged to participate fully in the co-curricular life of the school, for example public speaking competitions and the school play.

    Academic Support - The Learning Hub

    Revision classes, targeted learning support and mentoring systems provide additional quality support for students to make sure that they feel confident and able to make progress. The small class sizes and individual attention given to our pupils help them to build resilience and a desire to succeed. 

    Pupils in the Senior department can access The Hub at any point during the school day for tailored academic support and a purposeful place to complete independent study.

    Academic - Results

    Due to our excellent teaching, small classes and building a Growth Mindset within our pupils, results naturally follow. Please see below our latest results. 

    GCSE Results 2021

    We are extremely proud of how hard our pupils have worked this year, they have been awarded grades that reflect their performance. 93% of all students received their target grade or above.

    Grade 9-8 or equivalent (A*) 32%

    Grade 9-7 or equivalent (A* - A) 50%

    Grade 9 - 6 or equivalent (A* - B) 73%

    GCSE Results 2020 

    Grade 9-8 or equivalent (A*) 19%

    Grade 9-7 or equivalent (A* - A) 31%

    Grade 9 - 6 or equivalent (A* - B) 43%

    GCSE Results 2019 

    Grade 9-8 or equivalent (A*) 26%

    Grade 9-7 or equivalent (A* - A) 42%

    Grade 9 - 6 or equivalent (A* - B) 50%