Accelerating Learning

At some point in their education, every child needs a hand to hold. At St James’, our approach to accelerating learning is supportive, inclusive and non-intrusive.

Led by our SENCO, Accelerating Learning at St. James’ takes a variety of forms. Some children are best supported by a dedicated 1-to-1 Teaching Assistant, others by their class teacher through adapted resources and tasks.

Our staff are experienced in strategies and approaches to support learners with dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism, ADHD, sensory and information processing, and where, English is not their first language.

Support for every child is bespoke and evolves throughout their time at St. James’.

Pupils transitioning to the Senior Department of St. James’ will ordinarily have clear and effective supporting strategies established, but for those newly arrived, our small size, excellent relationships and knowledge of every child helps to quickly identify any areas of additional need.  

Typically support in the Senior department is by way of pull-out sessions and effective mentoring, although support for every child is bespoke and evolves throughout their time at St. James’.

With GCSEs and A-Levels on the horizon, we are able through our accredited staff, to internally assess pupils and agree with the exam boards examination access arrangements. In other schools this can be an expensive, external process.

For St. James’ pupils who’s first language is not English, we have a dedicated ESOL department who screen new arrivals and devise an appropriate bespoke pathway, balancing pull-out sessions with full curriculum immersion.