Boarding OLD

St James’ School has a long tradition of boarding. We passionately believe that an education lived is richer than an education attended.

Our aim is to provide younger boarders a homely environment, older pupils a supportive environment that bridges the gap between home and university, and all whilst experiencing the caring oversight of proactive parents.

The boarding staff refer to themselves as “House Parents” rather than “House Masters and House Mistresses”. Our choice of terminology is very deliberate.

All boarding is co-educational with clear guidance and rules to ensure happiness and privacy. Boarding at St James’ allows pupils to experience communal family life.

They develop a capacity for accountability and independence that will serve them well in later life.

They learn the key relationship between rights and responsibilities, as well as the balance between individuality and being part of an international community. Key to establishing a homely environment within our boarding community, has been the formation of positive relationships, founded upon a culture of mutual respect, tolerance, acceptance and openness.

The aims of the boarding community are all underpinned by our desire to see every pupil achieve their fullest potential in all areas of school life. We encourage the boarders to try different sports and activities, ensuring that all talents are recognised and afforded equal importance.

We believe that the happiest and most successful pupils are those who lead full, healthy and active lives, and we encourage all the boarders to develop interests for which they have a passion.