Our house system allows pupils to develop key skills that are vital throughout their academic career.

House competitions take place throughout the academic year and give pupils the opportunity to earn house points for their chosen team.

As part of the admissions process a new pupil is allocated with a house; Lindsey, Blakeney or Walkerley, and they remain in their allocated house throughout their time at St. James’.

Pupils quickly form an allegiance to their house and the house games generate a sense of fun and friendly competition between all of the pupils. It is also an opportunity for all years to come together to enjoy competing against one another.

The house activities are both academic and sporting.


The three houses; Lindsey, Blakeney and Walkerley were all formed in 1992.

Lindsey House is named after the district of Lindsey in which Grimsby was historically part of the North Riding of Lindsey. Blakeney House is named after the hunt which takes places in Lincolnshire each year and Walkerley is named after the former Chair of Governors; Gordon Walkerley Smith who was chair of governors when the houses were formed.

House Games


Dodgeball, Netball, Football, Table Tennis, Cross Country, Basketball and Athletics are just some of the sports run as inter-house competitions and are a chance for pupils to earn points for their chosen house.

The house captains along with the staff member who is Head of House organise their teams ahead of the events. Pupils of all abilities are encouraged to participate and show their support for their house.

Public Speaking

Inter-house public speaking has long been a tradition at St. James’. Standing up in front of a large audience to give an address about a chosen topic is something which pushes even the most confident pupils out of their comfort zone but also gives them the biggest sense of achievement once completed.

Each team allocate a Main Speaker who writes and delivers a speech on a topic they feel passionate about plus team members to introduce the speech and give the vote of thanks at the end. These are adjudicated by an independent judge and each team are given scores.

Music & Arts Festival

At the end of the Summer Term is the Music and Arts Festival which is adjudicated by an invited guest and features performances in all musical disciplines along with artwork which has been created before the event on display. All pupils perform in the Markham Hall, the festival is split into a junior and senior section and concludes with the house teams performing their ‘house song’.

Maths Challenge Week

Pupils compete in various Maths competitions and problem solving throughout a chosen week in the calendar and points are awarded to the winning houses.

Two of the events are a mock of popular television quiz shows; Mastermind and The Weakest Link both of which create a lot of fun as the pupils battle it out to become Mastermind or Weakest Link Champion.