Prep (7 to 11 years)


Set in a leafy corner of the St James’ School campus, the Prep department benefits from separate, secure gardens with dedicated play areas which help to reinforce our mission to make learning both inspiring and fun. We provide opportunities for every child to fire their passions, whilst developing a lifelong love of learning. Being a confident and happy member of our family is important, along with forging strong and lasting friendships. We want every pupil to thrive in our school, and we achieve this by taking the time to get to know everyone who joins us. We want to know about each child’s interests and aptitudes so we can build on their enthusiasm to develop confidence in all aspects of school life from academics, to sport, art, drama, music and much more. Excellent teaching and wide-ranging educational experiences beyond the classroom encourage children to take pleasure in learning at St. James’.

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  • So pleased that we chose to continue our children's education into the Prep Department!

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