St. James’ School prides itself upon its supportive and trusting relationships, a school which recognises many different forms of success and where bespoke pathways maximise individuals’ potential. Our experienced and committed teachers nurture pupils through these formative years, modelling self-reflection in the pursuit of lifelong learning. Opportunities to develop talents in art, drama, music, public speaking, and sport are abundant; each student can choose the options that best support their passions alongside supportive and kindred students who are equally keen to take ownership of their learning.

We’ll help your child become ‘Future Proof’, fostering the essential skills that offer the keys to fulfilment in life. Pupil-centred, we aim to build inner confidence, offer opportunities to build resilience, promote creative thinking, encourage different opinions, and for every student to make an impression. The Senior department is the gateway to adulthood and independence; where every child grows into themselves. 

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