Uniform (* items are to be purchased from school)


Year 7 to 11

Sixth Form

Blazer* O X  
Tie* X X  
Skirt* (girls only)   X  
Pinafore* (girls only) X    
Summer dress* (girls only) X    
Felt hat/summer boater* (girls only) O    
Cap* (boys only) O    
Black jumper/cardigan X X  
White collared shirt X X  
Charcoal trousers/shorts (boys only) X X  
Black school shoes X X  
Black tights/socks X X  
St. James' Sweatshirt*   X X
St. James' Waterproof*   O O
St. James' Shorts (boys)/Skort (girls)   X X
St. James' Sports Leggings* (girls only)   O O
St. James' Tracksuit *   X X
St. James' Tapered Tracksuit*   O O
St. James' Polo shirt* O X X
Sports socks (green)   X X
St. James' black jogging top* O    
Black jogging bottoms O    
St. James' Legionnaires Cap* X    
St. James' Baseball Cap*      
St. James' Book bag* X    
Green shoe bag O    
Reversible fleece coat* X    
Green wool hat* O    
School scarf* O    
Black swimsuit/trunks      
Black plimsolls      
Slippers (any design) X    
Wellingtons (any design) X    
Trainers (any design)   X X
Plain dark coat   X X

Key: X = required, O = optional

Frequently asked questions:

  • Summer uniform is optional from September to October half term and after the Easter holidays. 
  • Children in the Sparrows class will need sports kit if they attend on Thursday afternoons.
  • All children in Fledglings and Sparrows require a St. James' school coat .
  • The Friends' of St. James' have a range of good quality second hand uniform at very reasonable prices, please ask for more information.
  • Any design school bag and sports bag can be used.
  • The Friends' of St. James' have a selection of second hand uniform available for purchase, please contact the main school office for more details.

Sixth form Dress:

Students in the Sixth Form may wear smart business dress, either one piece of two piece. All Sixth form must purchase the school sports uniform.