Why St. James'?

St. James' School is the perfect place for academically able children who prefer small class sizes, providing them with individual attention. 


The psychological sense of belonging is a prerequisite to learning. At St. James’, our pupils, parents, and staff feel this most profoundly. We are a family first, a school second.

Excellent Academics

Academic results at St. James’ are excellent – significantly outperforming the national average (National 9-7 22%, St. James’ 9-7 43%).

Pupils at St. James’ exceed their potential, on average half a grade higher than their baseline prediction (CEM by Durham University).

Your passion, your pathway

At St. James’ pupils can pursue their passions. We have no blueprint for our pupils, acknowledging each individual for the talents they possess.

Global Outlook

St. James’ welcomes pupils from across the globe, embracing and incorporating their culture into our own.

As technology shrinks our world, navigating, understanding and appreciating different cultures is increasingly important. Our school is far richer, our experience far greater, and our friendships far stronger on account of our diversity.

Small classes, Big ideas

With class sizes capped at 18, St. James’ pupils benefit from time with their teacher, a genuine ability to access bespoke differentiated learning, and the security of studying within a cohesive friendly community.

Unconstrained by the National Curriculum, we stand opposed to ‘teaching to the test’.

At St. James’ we don’t just educate, we Future Proof. We develop, through a broad and enriched curriculum, the skills that don’t expire. Young Enterprise, Modern Languages, Problem-solving, and Public Speaking begin in Year 7; inculcating life-long habits from an early age.

Child Centred Teaching

Teaching used to be the transference of knowledge; no longer, and not at St. James’.

At its most effective, teaching is the facilitation of learning, and through enquiry-based, active, expeditionary, group, and project-based activities the pupils at St. James’ explore the world their own way.

Wraparound Care

We understand that lifestyles are increasingly busy, and we can offer wraparound care for all pupils. School clubs run until 5pm. Pupils can choose homework club or an activity. Each evening hosts a different option, including sport, science, food technology, enterprise clubs and more.

School Transport is available to pupils both to and from school.